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Local architects services in Bristol & Bath

If you want the perfect finish, you need a perfect start

Our free consultation call and initial architect’s visit help you get the very best results for your budget, transforming the way you live in your home. We offer an affordable, collaborative service to homeowners in Bristol & Bath designed specifically for home improvement projects. It begins with a free 30-minute consultation where we can explore your requirements in more detail.

Free consultation call

During our call, we’ll talk through your vision and objectives, offering independent advice and bringing clarity to the process.

  • Setting realistic expectations
  • How to get the best results while keeping to your budget
  • Planning permissions and timescales
  • The support you can expect from your architect
  • How working with us gets better results without costing more

Initial visit

If you’re happy to proceed, this is the next stage. Depending on the size of your project, it’s a half or full-day consultation with your architect, who is local to Bristol & Bath. This is where your vision begins to take form.

  • An in-depth discussion to fully establish your needs and aspirations
  • A full set of hand-drawn plans showing the proposals
  • Impartial advice on planning permission, listed building consents and structure
  • Discussion on budget and working with builders
  • Recommendations on next steps and on how to move the project forward

From here, the choice is yours from a range of flexible pay-as-you-go architect’s services in Bristol & Bath . Our flexible approach means we’ll be on hand to support you throughout your project, providing you with the expertise and knowledge you need to realise your vision.

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The benefits of using Architect Your Home

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  • Jude Tugman
    Co-founder and Managing Director

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As an actor, I needed to work with someone who was not as dramatic as me but with similar energy and aspirations. Architect Your Home were the perfect fit.
- Gary L , Maida Vale

Why use Architect Your Home

Are you ready to start your home improvement project?

Don’t forget, you have complete control: You can engage us to provide a full service from start to finish, or ask us to support you on particular key stages. Our flexible approach allows you to choose the right level of help for your project. Get in touch today to see how to bring your dream home to life.