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Our History

A new vision for architect’s services

Architect Your Home was founded in 2001 to provide services that are relevant and accessible to homeowners, with better communication and information, plus the desire to empower and inspire.

Historically, architects’ services have been perceived as a little mysterious, quite expensive, and out of reach for most people.

Jude Tugman and co-founder Hugo became the first to streamline the process of working with an architect and prove that these services are within homeowners’ reach.

The business initially operated hand-in-hand with the co-founders’ architecture and design business for the first two years. In 2003, Jude, who had taken the helm, granted licences to other independent architects – and the business took on a life of its own. 

Steady growth over time

By 2008, we had three account managers, two marketing executives and a finance manager, plus more than 40 licensed independent architects. 

During this period of growth, Jude devised more efficient ways for the business to work.

She created and refined the concept of the design consultation, which was a new way to provide a strong starting point for any home improvement project. 

The design consultation is aligned to the idea of homeowners getting the best outcomes for their budget and the way they want to live in their homes.

It utilises the visionary skills of the architects, while producing a practical project plan.

Remaining ahead of the crowd

While the 2008 crash did have an impact and the support team was trimmed down, Architect Your Home continued to grow.

The way we embraced new technology to improve communication and availability of information has been a strong factor. 

In 2018, we launched our pioneering online portal, which keeps all home improvement project paperwork in one place.

The portal remains an exclusive tool. Most of the sector has been comparatively slow in adopting digital technologies – curiously at odds with the expectations of customers, who need information and clarity on home improvement projects.

By 2021, Architect Your Home has expanded its coverage from the south of England by granting licences to independent architects as far north as Scotland. Meanwhile, the first architects to be granted licences are still with us.

We remain a unique concept in home improvement.

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