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3 Architectural Trends for your home in 2019

At Architect Your Home, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse with the ever-changing architectural trends.

2018 brought us hidden technology, storage solutions, and botanical themes. Not straying too far, 2019 sees nature, clever design and helix staircases coming to the forefront.

In today’s blog, we discuss architectural trends for your home in 2019, and how our team can help apply these to your new project.

1. Helix Staircases

It’s safe to say, curves are still in for 2019. Circular, flowing staircases add a real statement to a home and provide space to open out a living area. Adding glass to the Helix helps enhance both natural and artificial light in the home, giving the illusion of a wider open space.

At Architect Your Home, our team will show you how a glass helix staircase can modernise the space between each level of a property, and how glass can bring light and a sense of openness to your home. Check out our renovation story and how a glass helix staircase helped modernise this 18th century barn.

2. Creating Open Spaces

This year, we are all about space and opening up our living area. A continuing trend, we are seeing many of our clients merging rooms such as kitchens and lounges, to create a relaxed living and dining space aimed towards how we react with modern technology. A great example of this is our ‘ultimate family room’

To create a degree of separation in an open plan room, we advise trying to define each zone with a different design, to avoid making the home look flat and to keep the space modern.

Our architects and designers can discuss the best design and layout for your open-plan home with our design visit. To kickstart your project, why not contact us today?

3. Clever Design

Scandinavian design has been a popular aesthetic for some time now, and in 2019 we anticipate seeing this trend flourish. This minimalistic trend is all about creating a sense of comfort and calm in the home and to reconnect with nature, with aspects of natural wood and plants. Environmental considerations are increasingly important for many homeowners and developers, so it is no surprise that we are wanting to bring the outside in. Living walls, high windows and woodland themes all add a natural outdoor element to our space.

This trend is for all around the home, but kitchens have become a highlight, where we are seeing wooden units and islands paired with calming sage green and misty greys on the walls and surfaces. If Scandi comforts are for you, our architects can discuss how they can create a minimalistic design to your space. You can check out an example of this trend in our cedar-clad double-storey rear extension.

There you have it, our top 3 architectural trends for 2019.

If any of these trends are something you are looking to add to your next project, our architects will give you the best advice and plans to suit your budget.

For more information on how Architect Your Home can help with your renovation, fill in our contact us form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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