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Add Value to Your Home with a New Kitchen: Our Top 5 Tips


It’s no secret that a well-designed kitchen can add value to your home. A beautiful kitchen is not only a pleasure to cook, eat and spend time in, but it can tempt potential buyers, too.

Adding value to your home is an appealing prospect when it comes to doing any work. And it’s a well-known fact that an attractive kitchen can allure potential buyers. But when it comes to fitting a new kitchen, how can you ensure you get the best return on your investment if you decide to sell?

1. First impressions count
Your kitchen is one of the most practical rooms in your home. But just because it has an important job, doesn’t mean it can’t be an attractive space. The visual impact of your kitchen can really ‘WOW’ buyers. So although it’s important to choose a kitchen that suits you, it’s worth thinking about the impression it will have on a prospective buyer.

2. Space is as important as aesthetics
The cupboards, worktops and handles are key factors for a stylish kitchen. However, the rest of the space is equally important. A kitchen that’s open, welcoming and filled with light is often more appealing to a potential purchaser. An architect can help you create a kitchen that not only makes the best use of the available space but ensures it’s future-proof, too.

3. Keep it clean & simple
A clutter-free kitchen is an attractive kitchen. Clean lines and a simple layout look better than kitchens with several turns and fussy details. Even food mixers, coffee machines and toasters can feel hectic. If you’re selling your home and have viewings arranged, consider hiding your toaster etc. in a cupboard. It will create a cleaner look and you can dig them out again when the coast is clear.

4. Maximise the sense of space
If you’re longing for a large kitchen, why not consider knocking through to the dining/living room and create an open-plan space with designated ‘zones’ for cooking and eating? It will feel bigger than the previous room and you may have more space for a larger kitchen area. Plus, if your new space overlooks your garden, you’ll find floor to ceiling glazed doors not only offer a great view, but they’ll enhance the sense of space inside, too.

5. Avoid gadgets you don’t need
For a fresh and clean kitchen, avoid gadgets that compromise your vision. For example, if you don’t tend to steam cook your food, avoid a secondary steam oven. Or if you’re only an occasional coffee drinker, give the high-tech, built-in machine a miss. When buying a new kitchen, design companies will try and sell you plenty of gadgets. But before you commit to new tech, consider what you use and what you need. If you’re unsure, opt for good quality essentials and steer clear of anything that feels gimmicky.

Using an architect can help you create your dream kitchen and one which will stand the test of time and appeal to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home.

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