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Kickstart your home renovation project

Transforming a space in your home can seem like a daunting prospect. Structural considerations, Building Regulations, establishing a budget, choosing a builder – the potential pitfalls seem to be endless. So where do you start?

1. Speak to an expert 

Architects aren’t just for grand old country estates and towering skyscrapers. They are an invaluable aid for a domestic project, using their knowledge, skills and experience to guide you through the design and build process. Unlike most architects, Architect Your Home utilise a collaborative design visit in your home to explore your ideas and ambitions for your property. Your new space should be a reflection of your lifestyle – it’s the architect’s job to ensure this is achieved. This fixed-fee consultation process is an effective means of helping you understand the feasibility of your project without the financial outlay of committing to the full architects’ fees.

2. Come to the table with your wish list

Think about what you want to achieve with your new space. Are you trying to maximise your property’s potential, reconfigure a room, or overcome your property’s constraints? What are your objectives and budget? Do you have a particular timescale? An architect can help you establish a clear brief for your project, understand your budget and offer advice on timescales for design, gaining planning permission, choosing a contractor, and construction. He/she is your guide throughout the process.

3. Sensible needn’t be boring

Don’t think that good, imaginative design has to be expensive. An architect will help you to come up with creative solutions that maximise your space, whilst working within the constraints of your budget. A critical role of the architect is to offer independent advice on budget and costs during the design and specification stages of the project. They can also provide you with a summary of the main elements of the proposed works for the builder to price against, so you can see the real, like-for-like cost of your project, allowing you to make sensible, informed decisions.

4. Be honest!

An architect is an independent advisor, working on your behalf to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your project. They will take the time to understand your brief, will make an honest and frank assessment of what can be achieved with your budget and space so be honest about what you can afford. Architects are a very effective asset, but they are not mind readers. It’s a collaborative process – if a particular material or colour isn’t working for you, tell them! Architects are receptive to ideas and open to feedback. Honesty really is the best policy.

5. What next? 

The plans are finalised, planning permission granted, the builders are booked, and you can’t wait to see your ideas come to life. The architect’s job is done – the end of a beautiful partnership, right? Not necessarily!

An architect’s day doesn’t end with the designs.  An architect can assist you with all aspects of your project – obtaining the correct planning and building permissions and permits, liaising with the structural engineer, finding a builder, advising on Party Wall Agreements, as well as provide project management to monitor design accuracy, and programme and cost control during the construction process.

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Architect Your Home offers pay-as-you-go professional architect services, designed specifically for home improvement projects. With a team of over 20 architects working across the UK and in Europe, they specialise in home design, house extensions & kitchen conversions.

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