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Life changing renovation project

What sets Architect Your Home apart from other architects’ practices? How to develop a life changing renovation in your house?

Architect Your Home brings clarity and simplicity to home extension, renovation and refurbishment projects by means of an affordable, quality service that is easy to use and responsive to customer needs. So we’re well placed to help you develop your life changing renovation project!


Life changing renovation project?

One of the most common requests we get as architects is to do an “open plan living”.

Bringing spaces together means more interactivity in family living making it easier to keep watch over younger family members, chat to guests (most likely nosey but envious neighbours), to watch TV whilst cooking and cleaning through the spaces, and so on, and that can be a life changing renovation project! Let us explain how to start one:

1.  We get our customers involved in the design process from the start.

Over the years in practice, it became crystal clear to us that a detailed and collaborative discussion with our customers at a very early stage achieved the best design result and best value for money, as it meant we could listen to them and achieve a solution that fitted with them, their home and their budget, allowing for that life changing experience you’re looking for.

2. We meet with you in your home.

The only way to explore a design idea is through a combination of discussion and drawing. We come to your home so that we can adequately analyse the house, the organisation of the spaces, and the way you live in them and see first-hand the issues you are having.

Look at some of our conversion projects for inspiration:


3. We draw out design solutions with you.

An extension or making any changes to your home is expensive and the stakes are high if you get it wrong, so it is essential to understand the implications of the changes you want to make from the start. Sketch drawings are the best way to problem solve the design ideas as it gives us the opportunity to convey our ideas to you and ensure you have fully understood their design intent.

4. Our flexible pay-as-you-go service

Our design consultation helps you nail problems early and helps you work out how to spend your money wisely and with maximum impact. Following on from that, our flexible approach ensures that you just pay for the services you feel will provide value for money. Our first step will help define the goals:

Over this time, we have helped over 9000 people renovate or extend their homes. So, you can be confident that you are in a safe pair of hands, with all the expertise, knowledge and professionalism you need to get the best result for your project.


5. One way closer to a life changing renovation project

Even the most humble of domestic spaces can be transformed into a stylishly designed storage haven. It’s amazing what a little imagination and fresh ideas can do.

When floor space is at a premium making the most of walls or existing features can create that much needed storage space. Think about framing doorways with shelving. This can turn an unused space into an attractive display area. Furniture with a dual purpose can also be a great solution for smaller rooms. For example, sturdy storage can be transformed into extra seating with the addition of a cushion and your storage can be made mobile by adding wheels allowing you to make the maximum use of the floor space, and that is how you can start this life changing renovation project.

6. We proudly charge for our time and advice.

A bit of free advice may be tempting, but where does it get you? You can discuss your ideas, but that does not help you see the solution. With our design consultation, you are investing in the architects’ creative skills to provide a design solution and also in their vast knowledge of broader issues, such as construction, statutory consents, the building processes, planning and project management issues, builders, structure, materials, suppliers, budgets etc.

7. We really enjoy what we do

We make sure that we give each new project the individual consideration it deserves and help our customers fulfil their home life changing renovation projects.