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Moving House: How to Add Value to Your Home?

Moving to a new home is an exciting venture. Though it involves many hassles, it is a novel change and perhaps even a gush of fresh air. We get the opportunity to play around with the aesthetics and design of our new home and wear our creative hats. Nonetheless, every addition and subtraction is made to increase the value of our new home. The smallest tweaks, such as moving the study table near the window to get natural light while working, adds considerable value.

Your new home is going to be your small world. This small universe of yours can become even more terrific with some effective changes. Let us look into various ways in which we can add value to our new home and make the space even more welcoming.

1.  Update the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and electrical systems 

A home is a place of comfort, and there is hardly comfort when the HVAC and lighting systems are not in place. Ensure to upgrade the older HVAC systems of the house to newer systems of your choice. Moreover, electrical systems such as lighting, switches, etc., can be customised and upgraded. 

Here you can find more info on everything related to how to deal with your energy supplier and setting up a new electricity account when moving home “” Papernest will help you make the right choice because they know that adding value to your new home becomes easier with the right energy supplier. 


2. Enhance the interior layout

The interiors of your home do not require mere furniture or colour changes. A few structural changes, such as an open plan kitchen and living space, maximised views to the garden, or knocking down a wall to create two smaller rooms, can jazz up your home instantly. 

The most important thing is that you make your home work for you.

3. Garage conversion 

If you have the luxury of a garage, you can convert it into a room with utilities such as an extended kitchen, playroom, guest room, etc. Without spending on extension, you can easily increase your ground-floor space and add substantial value to your home. Plus, you get an extra room to serve miscellaneous purposes.

4. Roof terraces 

If your new home has a flat roof, you can consider building an outside space or a roof terrace. You can use the roof space to add an urban touch and make your home look spacious. Though the roof terrace or balconies may sound high-end, it is a fantastic addition for future retail and is very aesthetic as well.


5. Revamp the front of your space.

Talking of first impressions, the first glimpse of your home is its front side. This includes the lawn, porch, doors, brickwork, windows, etc. You should timely paint the front doors, mow the lawn, invest in gardening, and experiment with the setting of the porch. This makes the home look neat and beautiful as a whole.