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Setting up gas and electricity in a new build

When you own a home, moving in is one of the first things on your mind. Setting up major utilities is necessary before you finally move into the home. There are several steps in the process of connecting utilities in a new build, which speed up the process and move you in quickly.

New builds are some of the more reliable home purchases, offering new building technology and material without years of wear and tear. However, that means that they have no connections with existing gas and electricity suppliers. Learn how to connect your new build with the gas and electricity supply.

1. Consider getting help

Connecting your home to the utility system is a complex process at the best of times, with a new build adding an extra layer of complexity. Using an external service means that you reduce the amount of paperwork that you deal with, expediting the process and helping you to move into your new home far sooner than you would manually sort gas and electricity services.

2. Why utilities are important

Utilities are some of the most important things to sort in your home, whether you live in a new building or an existing property. Whilst a government press release states that new homes have lower emissions and better insulation, they are still cold in the winter months. Getting gas and energy connected means that you have access to heating in your home and can use all the devices you need in your day-to-day life.

3. How to connect your home to utilities

There are several steps in the process of connecting your home with gas and energy, including:

a. Find a provider

Start the process by finding a gas and energy provider. The first thing to look for with a gas or energy provider is a reasonable level of cost. By cutting down on costs, you give yourself more of a budget to live day by day, removing some of the financial pressure of being a homeowner. Consider reliability in this too, with older and more reputable companies having a lower chance of a disrupted energy supply.

b. Organise an appointment

Call the supplier and organise an appointment with them. There are several things to consider when arranging an appointment with a supplier, including:

  • What your energy package is
  • Your address
  • The appointment time
  • What they need in advance

Sorting all of these features ahead of time reduces the risk of delays in your setup, getting you connected sooner.

c. Be at home at the appointment time

Make sure that you’re home at the time of the appointment. This means that you can let them into the property to set up your gas and electricity. As this is a new build, engineers may need to complete some extra tasks, so support them through this however you can. At the end of the appointment, you should be set up with energy and gas!


If you’re considering an extension or renovation to make full use of your new gas and energy, get in touch with the Architect Your Home team today to make plans for your property improvements.