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Top points to consider before opting for an extension?

Whilst building an extension generally improves the space and quality of your home, it is undoubtedly a costly and time-consuming exercise, so before you jump in there are a number of factors we think you need to consider.


1) Do you really need to extend to achieve the extra space you desire?
The first thing to consider is if you could resolve your lack of space issue by altering the internal layout of your home or through clever storage solutions? Architect Your home customers are often amazed by how some clever rearrangement of the existing spaces can transform the way they use their home and we use our design visit to highlight the alternative options available to you.

2) Consider the balance of your house. 
The balance of a property is very important. If your extension creates a ground floor that is too big or adds too many bedrooms this can result in a house that feels awkward and uncomfortable, as there is an imbalance of the spaces.

3) What will the effect be on your home? 
Think about how the extension will fit with the look of your house, both from the road and the garden. It is important that is done sensitively so as not to be become an eyesore and have a negative effect on the value of your home.

4) Will you need planning permission or permitted development? 
This normally depends on the size of the house, whether it has had any previous extensions, how big they were, whether your property is listed or in a conservation area and the size of the proposed extension. There are lots of quite complex criteria, so it is always advisable to work with an architect, in particular, Architect Your Home as we have done over 6500 planning applications. This means we understand how to manipulate them to your best advantage and achieve the best outcome for you.

5) What about the neighbours? 
We always think it is polite to show your neighbours your proposals form an early stage as this can help to keep them ‘onside’ and help prevent objections later on. And no matter how lovely your extension is, you don’t want to end up living next to disgruntled neighbours.

6) Will the work require Building Regulations? 
The building regulations cover any new building work so an extension will need to comply. In most domestic situations the work can be done under a ‘building notice’ rather than full plans but there are “pro’s’ and con’s” to this decision. Architect Your Home will advise you of the right route for you and produce the drawings and /or information you will require to comply.

7) Bring in the experts. 
Building an extension is a big commitment in terms of time and money and it is vital you safeguard your investment. Therefore it is imperative you get impartial advice, as only then can you ensure you are getting what you want not want, not what someone just tells you can have and not what a builder just wants to build. Architect Your Home are independent, fully qualified architects who work in collaboration with you to help you make an informed decision on whether an extension is the right solution or if there is an alternative way to find that extra space. We work for you with your budget requirements and aspirations are at the centre of the service we provide.

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