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Our service is designed specifically for home improvement projects. It starts with a 4 or 7 hour design consultation in your home or on a video call, your opportunity to sit down with your architect and explore your ideas and requirements.

They’ll produce hand drawn plans of options to demonstrate what’s possible and help you understand the implications of the design decisions being made practically, aesthetically and financially.

This meeting really does provide the foundation you need for your home improvement project. Our pay-as-you-go service options then help bring your project to fruition:

  • Architect planning drawings
  • Permissions and consents
  • Building cost management
  • Architect project management

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Making sure you get the very best

We bring your ideal home into reality, providing you with inspirational solutions and a roadmap to getting it done. And from scheme drawings to full clarity on the ins and outs, we’re on hand to support your project when you need it.

Our service pays for itself, because we help you nail down your budget and spend it wisely. You’ll definitely feel the value of working with us, both in the quality of the end result and how it transforms the way you live in your home.

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