4. Budget & pricing

By understanding building costs, you can get the most out of your budget. Your architect can produce a ‘schedule of works’; a written summary of the main elements of the proposed works for the builder to price against, giving you a true like-for-like cost comparison between builders. Your architect can speak to builders on your behalf, managing the tender process until you’ve chosen your contractor.  

Budget & Pricing

Schedule of works

This comprehensive breakdown of the proposed works enables you to see exactly where the costs lie and if necessary, indicate where changes can be made to keep you within budget.

Referencing builders

We can prepare a tender list of fully referenced builders from our database, or your architect can meet with any builder you are considering.

Tender package compilation

The tender drawings and a schedule of works are sent to a selection of builders so they can provide comparative price information for the project.

Tender analysis

Once the prices have been received back from the builders, your architect can analyse them and report to you.