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A wide range of options – when it comes to doing a building project of any size there are many factors that affect the price and it is important to understand what these are from the off-set to avoid costly mistakes later.

It is important to remember that your architect is there to help you fulfil your aspirations for your renovation/extension project within your budget. Their extensive knowledge and expertise will show what can be achieved and guide you through what to expect and common pitfalls to look out for.

A lot of the budget variance does depend on you and the choices you make and our cost estimator will help you get an idea of what you might have to spend. If the price comes out higher or lower than you want, you can simply return to any of the sections and adjust the information you have entered.

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If your project includes any areas of “new-build”construction such as a kitchen extension to the side or rear of your home, a new basement or maybe a garden out-building, please enter the floor area of this part of the project.
Sq. M
If your project includes any remodelling of existing space involving some construction such as a new staircase, knocking through a wall or removing a chimney breast etc., please enter the floor area of this part of the project.
Sq. M
Including all the above areas, please enter the total floor area to be fitted out? Fitting out work includes such things as heating, kitchens, painting & decorating, floor finishes, bathrooms, joinery, lighting & electrical work etc.
Sq. M
Are you looking for a basic job or something more high spec? Labour intensive fine finishes & expensive or bespoke components will be more costly than basic items available off the shelf at the builder’s merchant.
Basic High Specification
Are the proposals simple and straight-forward to build? Do the works involve complex structural or constructional difficulties or a great deal of ground-work and excavation? How easy is working access to the site and how much space will there be to operate?
Straight Forward Complex
Different builders can give radically different prices on the same specific proposals. Generally the better quality of work and the better organised they are, the more expensive they will be. Low cost will usually mean a compromise on quality, organisation or both.
Low Cost High Quality
Not only will local rates of pay vary regionally across the country (which will affect your builder’s costs), but also the reality is that builders will generally charge more when the project is located in a more expensive residential area that in a lower cost area.
Affordable Expensive
How much involvement are you planning for architects/designers for this project?
Not at all Intensive Involvement

Projected total cost

Based on the information you have given, your estimated build cost has been calculated as:


Ensure you allow for VAT, professional and application fees as well as a contingency sum.
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