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Welcome to Architect Your Home. We provide tailored, unique design consultations for anyone in Redbridge or nearby looking to make home improvements such as extensions and conversions

Do you live in Redbridge? We can help you bring your home improvement project to fruition, saving you money and stress along the way.

We help residents in your area with home design consultations. This bespoke service is specifically for home improvement projects, and we collaborate with the homeowner throughout the consultation process. You’ll be able to utilise the skills of an experienced architect with local expertise, which in turn means you’ll soon realise what can be achieved with your project and what issues need to be looked at. The design consultation is comprehensive, and covers budget constraints, planning issues, any structural problems that may arise and, of course, your design needs. Put simply, our job is to make sure you have the knowledge you need for the commencement of your home improvement project.

So, whether you’re after a bathroom or kitchen extension, loft conversion, side extension or any other kind of home renovation or improvement in the Redbridge area or nearby Wanstead, Woodford or Buckhurst Hill, we are here to make everything run as it should and help you make the project a roaring success.

Firstly, to translate your ideas into a workable design, we’ll help you work with a architect local to you. As a result, you won’t need to have your own planning drawings created beforehand. Most importantly, we work to maximise your budget, meaning you can make savings without jeopardising your design.

Architect Your Home provide impartial and unbiased advice the purpose of which is to find you the right solution for your home improvement plans. During this process, we produce drawings that demonstrate the various options available to you, thus making it easier for you to visualise the concept and to fully appreciate what’s being proposed and why. As you can imagine, this makes the home improvement project less stressful all round.

We include:
1. An in-depth discussion establishing your design requirements
2. A full set of hand-drawn plans showing our proposals
3. Independent, impartial advice covering important considerations such as planning permission, listed building consents and structure
4. Discussion on budget and builders
5. Our suggested next steps to take, and guidance on how to move your project forward

Our bespoke service ensures you have all the drawings, information and support needed for you to realise your project, and you can choose the level of support you expect to need from our architects going forwards.

Our fully qualified architects cover the entire area of Redbridge as well as neighbouring locations. They have extensive experience of working on residential projects in the area and of liaising with local councils. This means you can rest assured you are being helped not only by an expert but by an expert with specific local knowledge.

Speak to one of our Architects Find an architect in the Redbridge area and get in touch to discuss your project.
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