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Architect Your Home, are an award winning team of architects for the people of Richmond. We provide a full range of architectural services for homeowners in the Richmond area looking to carry out home improvements. Starting with an affordable yet comprehensive design consultation, we continue to support you right through to the completion of your project. Our modern pay-as-you-go online portal and large team of qualified residential architects makes us unique among Architects in Richmond.

We help you bring your home improvement project to fruition, saving you money and stress along the way. Our local architects in Richmond upon Thames serve all the neighbouring areas such as Barnes, St Margarets, Cambridge Park and Marble Hill, Twickenham, East Sheen and everywhere else in and around the borough. Our bespoke consultation service is specifically for home improvement projects, and we collaborate with the homeowner throughout the process.

You get to utilise the skills of an experienced architect with local expertise, which means you’ll soon realise what can be achieved with your project and what issues might need to be looked at. The consultation covers budget constraints, planning issues, any structural problems that may arise and, of course, your design needs. It’s our job to make sure you have everything you need to start your home improvement project.

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To begin:

Firstly, we need to translate your ideas into a workable design. To do this, we’ll help you work with an architect local to you, which means you won’t need your own planning drawings created beforehand. We work to maximise your budget, meaning you can make savings without jeopardising your design.

Our impartial and unbiased advice is aimed at finding you the right solution for your home improvement plans. During this process, we produce drawings demonstrating the design options available, making it easier for you to visualise the concept and appreciate what we are proposing and why. This makes the home improvement project less stressful all round.

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We include:

1. An in-depth discussion establishing your design requirements
2. A full set of hand-drawn plans which will clearly show our proposals
3. Independent and impartial advice covering essential considerations such as planning permission, listed building consents and structure
4. Discussion on budget and builders
5. Our suggested next steps, and guidance on how you move your project forward

Our bespoke service means you can choose the level of support you expect to need from our architects going forwards.

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Our fully qualified architects cover the entire borough of Richmond, as well as neighbouring locations. They have considerable experience of working on residential projects in areas such as River Lane, Hampton, Teddington, Richmond Hill and Sheen and of liaising with local councils with regards to those projects. This means you have not only an expert but an expert with specific local knowledge on your side.

Don’t forget, you have complete control. You can engage us to provide a full service from start to finish, or ask us to support you on particular key stages you need a bit of help with. Our flexible approach allows you to choose the right level of help for your project. Get in touch today to see how to bring your dream home to life.

So, are you ready to start your home improvement project? Whether you’re after a bathroom or kitchen extension, loft conversion, side extension or any other kind of home renovation or improvement in Richmond and it’s desirable suburbs, we are here to make everything run as you want it to. Let’s look at some of the suburbs within Richmond upon Thames that our architects cover.


Architects in Twickenham

Twickenham, nestled within Richmond upon Thames, is best known for its illustrious rugby heritage, courtesy of the iconic Twickenham Stadium. Twickenham offers a tranquil riverside setting, enriched with a vibrant community and cultural life. The area’s architectural panorama is a testament to its rich history and contemporary charm, featuring a diverse mix of housing styles—from imposing Victorian and Edwardian terraces to more modern family homes and riverside apartments.

Architect Your Home in Twickenham specialises in transforming these historic properties into modern living spaces, offering extensions, renovations, and bespoke designs that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary needs.

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Architects Marble Hill: Marble Hill, nestled along the Thames, is celebrated for its picturesque park and the Palladian villa, Marble Hill House. This suburb features a blend of Georgian and early Victorian homes, offering a serene and opulent living environment. Our architects excel in crafting designs that enhance the elegance of Marble Hill’s properties, focusing on restoration and luxurious modernisation that respects the area’s architectural heritage.

Architects Cambridge Park: Cambridge Park, a leafy enclave known for its exclusive residences and tranquil setting, boasts a variety of spacious Edwardian and inter-war homes. Architect Your Home provides luxury architectural solutions that maximise the potential of these properties, incorporating state-of-the-art amenities while preserving the character and charm of Cambridge Park’s distinguished homes.

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Architects in Barnes

Barnes, with its village-like atmosphere and green commons, is home to a wealth of period properties, from charming Victorian cottages to grand Edwardian villas. Our local architects in Barnes are adept at designing and executing sophisticated home development projects, ensuring each property reflects the unique lifestyle of its inhabitants while enhancing the architectural integrity of the area.

Architects East Sheen: East Sheen offers a vibrant community alongside an array of Edwardian and 1920s homes, characterized by their generous proportions and elegant facades. Our architects covering East Sheen focus on creating luxurious, functional spaces that cater to modern family life, from comprehensive renovations to innovative extensions that elevate the home’s aesthetic and practical appeal.

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Hampton Architects

Hampton is characterised by its village-like feel, historical sites, and a diverse range of homes, from charming cottages to impressive detached residences. The area’s appeal is further enhanced by the nearby Hampton Court Palace and the Thames, providing a scenic backdrop for the community.

Architect Your Home in Hampton focuses on creating personalised living spaces that reflect the unique needs and styles of its residents. Our expertise ranges from crafting stunning extensions that seamlessly blend with the existing architecture, to designing interior renovations that transform homes into modern sanctuaries.

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Architects Teddington

Teddington, with its riverside parks and bustling high street, is a suburban gem offering a mix of Victorian and Edwardian houses, alongside modern apartments near the water. The area’s family-friendly atmosphere is complemented by its spacious homes, many of which feature generous gardens.

Our architect in Teddington specialise in elegantly merging contemporary design with the area’s historic charm. Whether it’s through thoughtful extensions, sensitive renovations, or completely bespoke new builds, our architects craft spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of Teddington’s homes.

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Richmond Hill Architects

Richmond Hill boasts unrivalled views of the Thames Valley and is renowned for its exquisite Georgian and Victorian architecture. This prestigious area offers a tranquil escape with its elegant terraces and detached homes, all within a stone’s throw of Richmond Park’s expansive greenery.

Our local architects bring a nuanced understanding of Richmond Hill’s architectural vernacular, delivering luxury designs that respect the area’s heritage while incorporating modern living solutions. From sophisticated restorations to innovative living space expansions, we ensure each project on Richmond Hill stands as a testament to timeless design and modern luxury.

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Architects in Kew

Kew, nestled within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, is world-renowned for the Royal Botanic Gardens, underscoring the area’s commitment to natural beauty and tranquillity. This prestigious suburb is characterised by its harmonious blend of historical and contemporary architecture, featuring elegant Georgian, Victorian, and modern homes set against a backdrop of meticulously maintained green spaces.

The housing landscape in Kew offers a unique opportunity for bespoke architectural innovation. From the conservation of period properties to the creation of contemporary residences, Kew’s homes reflect a spectrum of architectural excellence that complements their verdant surroundings.

Architect Your Home in Kew specializes in realising the full potential of these properties through luxury architectural services. Whether it’s the sensitive renovation of a heritage-listed building, the crafting of a seamless extension to a Victorian home, or the design of a cutting-edge eco-friendly new build, our team of local architects combines precision, creativity, and a deep respect for Kew’s distinct aesthetic.

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Planning in Your Local Area

Architect Your Home stands at the forefront of exemplary planning and architectural expertise, meticulously guiding homeowners through the intricate process of transforming their living spaces. As planning experts, we excel in navigating the complex maze of local planning regulations and permissions, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds the stringent standards set forth by local authorities.

Our adept team of professionals is well-versed in the art of blending aesthetic appeal with functional design, tailoring each project to the unique needs and visions of our clients. Through a collaborative approach, we engage homeowners in every step of the design process, from initial conception to final execution, guaranteeing that each space is not just architecturally sound but also a true reflection of the individual’s personality and lifestyle. This commitment to excellence and client satisfaction cements Architect Your Home’s reputation as unrivalled planning experts in the field of home design and architecture.

Clara has worked with many local authorities and covers the Richmond upon Thames area in full.

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