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If you live in the Waltham Forest area, and you’re looking to carry out home improvements, Architect Your Home provide bespoke design consultations geared towards your needs

We help fulfil your home improvement dream, saving you money and stress along the way. We assist the people of Waltham Forest and other places nearby, including but not limited to Leyton.

Our design consultation service is bespoke, and we collaborate with you, the homeowner throughout this process. You’ll soon realise what can be achieved with your project and what issues might need to be looked at, because we help you utilise the skills of an experienced local architect. Our consultation covers your design needs along with budget constraints, planning issues and any structural problems that may arise. Our aim is to ensure you have everything you need for your home improvement project.

If you are looking to carry out any kind of home renovation or improvement in the Waltham Forest area or nearby, we make your project run as you want it to, within budget and with as little stress as possible.

In order to translate your ideas into a workable design, we’ll help you work with a local architect, which means you won’t need to have your own planning drawings created beforehand. Additionally, we look to maximise your budget, meaning you can make savings without jeopardising your design.

We aim to provide the right solution for your proposed home improvement. Our impartial and unbiased advice makes the home improvement project less stressful all round. We produce drawings showing you the design options available, which makes it easier to visualise the concept and appreciate our proposal and the reasoning behind it.

We include:
1. A detailed discussion which establishes your design requirements
2. A full set of hand-drawn plans clearly showing our proposals
3. Impartial expert advice to cover essential matters such as planning permission, listed building consents and structure
4. Discussion on budget and builders
5. Our suggested next steps, and advice on how to move your project forward

Because our service is bespoke you can choose the level of support you expect to need from our architects going forwards.

Our architects cover all of Waltham Forest, as well as neighbouring areas such as Leyton. They are all full qualified and also experienced with residential projects in the area, including liaising with local councils. Importantly, this means you have an expert with specific local knowledge on your side.

So, are you ready to start your home improvement project?

Remember, you have complete control of the process at all times. We can provide a full service from start to finish, or you can request support on particular key stages you need a bit of help with. Our approach is flexible, meaning you can choose the right level of help for your particular needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help bring your dream home to life.

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