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Architect Drawings

Architecture Drawing Plans

Following your initial design visit, you’ll be making some additional decisions, as well as receiving supplementary drawings and the architects plan to clarify the vision for your project.

You remain fully informed throughout the process and retain control whilst still benefitting from the experience and expertise of an architect and the architects drawings, ensuring both a stunning renovation and return on your investment.

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Your architect will upload the drawings to our design portal within 3-4 working days. All documents for your home improvement project are uploaded to our secure online portal to keep everything neatly organised in one place. A hard copy of the plans will be posted out to you.

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Planning drawings

There are a number of statutory and other consents for which your proposed building works may need to gain approval. These include planning permission, conservation area consent, landlords consent, party wall consent etc.

These are accurate plans, sections and elevations that are submitted to the local authority to obtain planning/permitted development approval for the changes you want to make to your home.

Many people believe this is the first stage of a home renovation project. It actually comes after a thorough design consultation with your architect.

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Building regulation drawings (tender drawings)

The other statutory consent you may be required to obtain is related to building regulations. These are a set of standards for the design and construction of your home to ensure it is a safe and healthy place for the people using it, that fuel and power are conserved, staircases have sufficient head height, rooms are properly ventilated and much more.

These drawings, along with the calculations from your structural engineer, contain the specific information required to obtain building regulations approval for your project.

Also, along with a schedule of works, they form the tender package builders are asked to base their price on.

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Detail level drawings

Throughout the building process there are numerous design decisions that need to be made. Your architect will help you make the right choices and produce drawings containing detailed information that will concisely define to the builder what you want to achieve. 

These detailed drawings illustrate how specific elements of the project will be constructed, the precise layout of fixtures, fittings, units and lighting for your project. They will also include which materials, products, finishes etc. are to be used.

Detail level drawings are a guide for your builders and decorators.


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What happens after the architect's drawings have been made?

The next stage of your home improvement project involves getting the correct permissions and consents for the work you want to have carried out.

Having the support of a qualified architect who understands the context surrounding permissions and consents, as well as knowledge of local planning policies, is a great help at this stage.

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Our online project portal helps you keep track of your home improvement, storing everything secure in one place. The portal allows you to authorise work, check invoices, message your architect, and upload or download your documents.

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