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Budget & Pricing

Building costs tendering and management

By getting like-for-like quotes from builders, you will have a better understanding of building costs and more control over your budget.

Your architect handles this process all the time, and is well-placed to help you get what you need and get more for your money. They can produce a ‘schedule of works’, which is a written summary of the main elements of the proposed works.

This schedule of works can be used for the builder to quote against, giving you a true like-for-like cost comparison between different contractors. They will speak to builders on your behalf, managing the tender process until you’ve chosen your contractor. 

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Getting builders’ quotes for an extension or renovation

Schedule of works

Your architect can supply this document, which is a comprehensive breakdown of the proposed works. It enables you to see exactly where the costs lie and, if necessary, indicate where changes can be made to keep you within budget.

Referencing builders

Your architect can prepare a tender list of fully referenced builders from our database, or meet with any builder you are considering.

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Tender package compilation

The building regulation drawings (or tender drawings) and the schedule of works are sent by your architect to a selection of builders so they can provide comparative price information for the project.

Tender analysis

Once the prices have been received back from the builders, your architect can analyse them and report to you.

What happens after building costs have been agreed?

This process, culminating in the tender analysis, will help you make an informed decision about which builder you want to work with. All documents for your home improvement project are uploaded to our secure online portal to keep everything in one place.

The next stage is where your extension or renovation becomes very real – it’s time to draw up the contracts and start building.

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The benefits of using Architect Your Home

Control your budgets with pay-as-you-go architect services

Complete flexibility to use us how and when you need

Excellent local planning knowledge and contacts in your area

Specialists in areas like listed building renovation and sustainability

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Our online project portal keeps everything in one, safe place

A new vision for architect’s services

Expertise and reassurance always just a phone call away

Architect Your Home online portal

Our online project portal helps you keep track of your home improvement, storing everything secure in one place. The portal allows you to authorise work, check invoices, message your architect, and upload or download your documents.

Are you ready to start your home improvement project?

Don’t forget, you have complete control. You can engage us to provide a full service from start to finish, or ask us to support you on particular key stages. Our flexible approach allows you to choose the right level of help for your project. Get in touch today to see how to bring your dream home to life.

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