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To kick start your home improvement project, we’ll get together with you for an architect’s design consultation. This is where your ideas start to come to life. It’s a thorough process where we learn more about your property and help you explore what you want to gain from your home improvement. 

From this discussion, your architect will create initial design concepts and architectural sketches and guide you through the home improvement process. With plenty of experience and superb knowledge of local homes and council planning policies, they will be able to advise you on potential construction issues, planning, build-over agreements, and party wall considerations.

The design consultation will be either a 4-hour or 7-hour visit, depending on the size of your project. It is available as a home visit or a virtual consultation.

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What happens in an architect’s design consultation?

The design consultation can take place either in your home or virtually via a video call. In each case, our architect will:

  1. Have an in-depth discussion with you about your aims and requirements.
  2. Create hand-drawn sketches to visualise and explain the design options.
  3. Discuss the virtues of the options with you and adapt them as required
  4. Have an agreed sketch design by the end of the visit so that you are ready to move your project forward.
  5. Explain the necessary statutory consents, party wall agreements and so on, and how we can help you apply and get approval for these.
  6. As an independent and impartial consultant, we can talk honestly about budget and builders and help manage your expectations.
  7. Explain what the next steps of your project will be and how we can help. We are flexible, so how much you use our architect’s services is up to you – we can be with you all the way or just for the next few stages.


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At Home or Online – You Choose!

Our award winning architects offer comprehensive design consultations tailored for homeowners embarking on renovation projects, available both in-person at your home and online for convenience. By providing flexible design consultations tailored to suit a variety of home renovation projects, both in-home and online formats, helps to accommodate the preferences of every homeowner. This setup ensures accessibility and convenience, allowing clients to engage with professional architects without the constraints of physical location.

Both sessions provide crucial insights into budget management, statutory consents, and the selection of builders, with a clear and transparent pricing structure. The consultations are designed to leave you with a detailed roadmap and a clearer understanding of how to progress from design to execution. Whether you choose an in-home visit or an online meeting, you’ll receive the same level of expert guidance tailored to help you take your home renovation project to the next stage.

Our personalised approach ensures that all our clients can effectively plan and execute their home improvement projects with confidence, regardless of whether they choose the physical presence of an architect or prefer the digital convenience of a virtual consultation.

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The 4-hour Design Consultation

Our 4-hour design consultation is a targeted, effective approach for smaller-scale renovation projects, such as a single-room extension or reconfiguration. Priced at £838.80 including VAT, this service is ideal if your project is focused on one specific area of your home. The session includes an in-depth discussion with an architect who will then create hand-drawn sketches to explore and explain possible design options. These visual aids are crucial in helping you visualize the potential transformations of your space.

Throughout the consultation, you can expect to receive expert advice on necessary statutory consents and project management insights, including budget considerations and selecting builders. This consultation aims not only to map out the initial designs but also to provide a comprehensive action plan, guiding you towards the next steps in your renovation journey. Architect Your Home prides itself on its transparent pricing and flexible service options, allowing you to control the level of architectural support you require as your project progresses​​​ (Houzz)​.

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The 7-hour Design Consultation

For more extensive renovation projects that span multiple rooms or levels, the 7-hour consultation, costing £1198.80 including VAT, is recommended. This session is designed to address larger and more complex projects, such as combining a kitchen extension with a loft conversion or undertaking a full home renovation. Similar to the 4-hour consultation, it begins with a detailed discussion of your project goals, followed by the creation of hand-drawn sketches to illustrate various design possibilities.

This extended consultation allows more time to refine these sketches and explore a wider range of options, ensuring that the final designs align closely with your vision and practical needs. The session also covers detailed budget discussions and strategic planning for statutory consents and builder selection, providing a solid foundation for moving forward. The transparent pricing and the option to customize the level of continued architectural support cater to a variety of needs and budgets, making this a valuable investment for more ambitious home improvement projects (Houzz)​.

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What happens after the design consultation?

After the visit, your architect will take these initial drawings back to their office to tidy them up and add useful notes. They will upload them to our design portal within 3-4 working days, along with a list of further services your project will require. A hard copy of the plans will be posted out to you.

The next stage of your home improvement project involves making final decisions about your extension, conversion or renovation and commissioning supplementary architect’s drawings.

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Our online project portal helps you keep track of your home improvement, storing everything secure in one place. The portal allows you to authorise work, check invoices, message your architect, and upload or download your documents.

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