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Planning permissions & consents

Your architect has thorough understanding of the context surrounding permissions and consents for building work, as well as knowledge of local planning policies.

They will advise you on the requirements of your home improvement project, collate information and produce the drawings you need, and submit the application on your behalf.

Most building work, unless it is a minor refurbishment, requires some sort of permission to be granted before it can go ahead. You might be required to apply for several permissions consecutively, depending on the extent of the work you wish to carry out, the location and type of property.

Planning application and criteria vary between England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Your architect, who has knowledge and experience of local planning policy, will be able to advise you.

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The different types of planning applications

Permitted development rights application 

Permitted development rights include types of home improvement project that do not need planning permission. This application, which your architect will make to your local planning authority, seeks confirmation that the changes you are making to your home fall within permitted development criteria. 

This criteria varies from area to area. Permitted development rights do not apply to designated areas, such as conservation areas and national parks. Some listed properties and locales of particular character might have additional restrictions upon them.

Planning permission application

If your home improvements require planning permission, your architect can make the application on your behalf. This application seeks planning approval to make alterations to your property that are not within your permitted development rights. 

You will most likely need to submit an application for planning permission for extensions and major some internal renovations like [insert example], as well as to change the use of a building. You will also need planning permission to make certain changes to a listed building or one that is in a designated area or locale of particular character.

Party wall agreement

Your works may affect a wall or structure of a neighbour’s property, even in a detached house. Your architect can prepare the initial notices under the Party Wall Act, with the intention of heading off any potential claims about cracking or other problems.

Types of work you must tell your neighbour about include if you want to build on or at the boundary of your properties, or dig below and near to the foundation level of their property.

Building regulation application

Your architect will seek confirmation that your home improvement plans comply with the requirements of Building Regulations 2010 on structure, fire safety, energy efficiency, drainage and so on.

On your behalf, he might also need to get building regulations approval for alteration projects that include new and replacement electrics, plumbing, air-conditioning, windows and doors, roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs and heating systems.

Construction regulations (design and management)

It is the duty of the client to appoint a ‘Principal’ designer and ‘Principal’ contractor.

What happens after permissions and consents are completed?

Getting the permissions can take several months, which is why we advise you to start the process immediately, even if you don’t want to start building work right now.

Once the architect has collated and uploaded them to our secure online portal, you’ll have the information you need to get accurate costs from your builder. If you don’t have a builder in mind, your architect can support you in selecting one that is reputable and who will give you the best value for your budget.

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