A practical insight into the heart of the home
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A practical insight into the heart of the home

Once functional utility spaces that were to be hidden away, kitchens are the heart of so many of our homes these days! While needing to retain their functionality, a kitchen needs to be beautifully designed and carefully thought through. Being a show-piece, and family hub of a home – whether its design, layout or gadgets, it’s easy for costs to accumulate. To make sure we can get the balance right for you, here is a practical insight into the heart of your home.

My first tip is to make sure you avoid ‘free’ design services – Why? These services are not free, fail to consider the practical functionality of a kitchen within a home, and tend to be the reason why you end up spending so much money! Retrospectively, they just build the cost into the build, and use the ‘free’ design process to persuade you to buy their highest margin products. Paying a professional will not only design the kitchen that is right for you and your home, but will help you find the right people to build and install the kitchen, giving you the best and most cost effective result.

Whether you’re wanting to add value to your property, or truly make the kitchen the heart of your home, the layout is key. It’s crucial to think through the circulation and look at how people will move to and from, around and within the kitchen space. Perhaps think about a kitchen island, or a peninsular? When guests come round – they generally know to stay to one side of the island, letting you prepare food and still chat without them being in the way. This can not only help with the circulation, but can also make an open plan area more comfortable by defining the ‘kitchen zone’ from other zones.

When it comes to appliances and utensils, work out what you will regularly use, and stick to your guns! Kitchen companies love to sell you a gadget, but it always appears that the new ‘latest thing’ is always that one object that ends up being obsolete or fades with time. In order to keep your kitchen (and wallet) clean and simple – avoid clutter and pointless utensils.

And finally, my last piece of advice is to make sure it’s right for you! You need to question how the kitchen works, and if it’s right for you. Whether the style is very minimal, contemporary, or classic, the principles of functionality, circulations and arrangements need to work effectively for you. Too often people are seduced by a particular style and wrongly think that this will be the key to a great kitchen.

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