Top 5 Homes from the Movies
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Top 5 Homes from the Movies

With the 90th Academy Awards fast-approaching, here at Architect Your Home we have put together our favourite properties from Hollywood’s finest films. From Maya-inspired to American Arts and Crafts, our stellar list encompasses the most eclectic collections of designs, styles and influences. Take a look at our five favourites:

1. The Schaffer Residence from A Single Man
A Single Man, starring Colin Firth (who was nominated for an Oscar in 2009 for his performance in the film), was partly shot in a John Lautner-designed modernist house in California. Built in 1949, the Schaffer Residence, as it is known, is nestled in a wooded valley at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains, Los Angeles and is made of redwood, concrete and glass. “Incorporating open-plan living, the property boasts a spacious dining area and two stylish bedrooms, as well as a magnificient view of the surrounding oak forests that hug the exterior,” notes Architect Your Home’s Tim Godsmark.

The Schaffer Residence from A Single Man

2. Ennis House from Blade Runner
Blade Runner, the revolutionary science fiction cult movie, stars none other than Harrison Ford and was directed by Hollywood legend Ridley Scott. The film, released in 1982, features the breath-taking Ennis House, designed by the prolific American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who was inspired by the temples of the ancient Maya. Used to film scenes in the home of protagonist, Rick Deckard, the brick’s carvings help to create “a fascinating contrast between historic design and a dystopian future,” comments Nick Stenton, architect at Architect Your Home.

Ennis House from Blade Runner

3. Terraced houses from Help!
The Beatles, as well as being the most successful band of all time, also released a number of movies in the 60s and 70s. Help! was their second film, and in the opening the audience watches the band members walk into the front doors of four separate terraced houses; the scene then cuts to them entering through different doors into a single interior. “The terrace, having been converted into one large house, exhibits the Fab Fours’ wealth, while also showing their (apparent) lack of pretension as they continue to live in an ordinary street,” comments Architect Your Home’s Roger Crimlis. “I love the playfulness and surprise in this reveal of an extraordinary and slightly surreal interior within such an ordinary building – I hope to be given a similar project brief one day.”

Terraced houses from Help!

4. Gamble House from Back to the Future
First showcased in the Back to the Future trilogy, Gamble House is portayed as the home of Dr Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, but in reality is a National Historic Landmark, located in California, USA. Designed by brothers Charles and Henry Greene, of the Greene and Greene architectural firm, the property is commonly described as America’s Arts and Crafts masterpiece; “It utilises natural materials and the very best in American craftsmanship, whilst also exhibiting influences from traditional Japanese aesthetics,” notes Andris Berzins, architect at Architect Your Home.

Gamble House from Back to the Future

5. The Bates Mansion from Psycho
“The Bates Mansion from Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous Psycho has become the definition of creepy in popular culture,” says Architect Your Home’s Managing Director, Jude Tugman. The spooky property has all the tell-tales characteristics of the archetypical Victorian home: a steep mansard roof, deep porch and ornate, almost gothic flourishes. Iconic as it is, due to the film’s low budget, the ‘Psycho House’ was actually only built as a two-walled exterior facade, as it was filmed only from a vantage point within a 90 degree span.

The Bates Mansion From Psycho

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