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Kitchen extension

Bright and beautiful rear extension in Rickmansworth

Project Story

When these customers came to have an extension to the back of their house designed to enlarge their kitchen they were surprised when their architect turned their plans around – literally.

The joy of using an architect is that they bring a level of creativity no other professional in the building industry possesses. It means they can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and make your homework in ways you’d never imagined. Here the architect turned the existing plan on its head, By the idea of moving the kitchen to the front of the house, it could then link with the dining room and leave enough space at the rear for a living space, bedroom and ensuite shower room/laundry room. It was ingenious and the result was impressive.

“We never thought to put the kitchen at the front of the house, it was a totally genius idea. It has completely transformed our home, it was something that we would never have dreamt of.”
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