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Renovation of a 15th century house in Wells

Project Story

In 2008, we ensured this beautiful old 15th-century house was lovingly restored. Remaining sensitive to the age of the property, Architect Your Home drew out the best in the property, whilst creating a new and interesting space for the owners to enjoy. 

The original design plan was to remove an internal wall between two bedrooms to create one large bedroom and a small study, with an additional mezzanine level bedroom. However, once the project began and the plasterboard was removed, a stunning vaulted ceiling with original timbers were exposed. These were consequently incorporated into the design. The end result is a magnificent double-height master bedroom with exposed original timbers, a second mezzanine level bedroom, and a study that maximised the amount of space available.

All the materials used match the period of the property; the architect was able to utilise a lot of reclaimed materials, such as floorboards and handrails, while as many of the original period features as possible were retained. Because of this, the renovation is hardly discernible to the unknowing eye.

“My building project had to be done very sensitively as it is a very old house and so I was a bit anxious but working with Andy of Architect Your Home was so enjoyable, I was very pleased with the whole experience and I’ve told others to use your services as I think you are so thoughtful and do a very good job.”
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Wells, Somerset

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