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Rear extension, ground floor flat in West Hampstead

Project Story

The brief for this project was to create an additional bedroom with an en-suite shower and a large contemporary kitchen/dining room that opened up the flat to the extensive garden. 

This may sound easy but the existing layout was tricky; luckily our architects have the vision to be able to see beyond the constraints of existing walls into the potential of unused spaces. They understand how, by moving the kitchen or bathroom to a different position within a home, can open up unseen opportunities. The extension design solution to this project was unlocked when the architect decided to put the new bedroom where the kitchen once lived and move the kitchen into a new extension that now provided enough space to incorporate a dining area and reached out into the garden.

With this sort of vision, the architect was able to fulfil the customers’ requirements with a relatively small increase in the overall floor area, which kept the extension in proportion with the existing house and therefore the project affordable.

Working with Architect Your Home was a great collaboration on our extension from start to finish. Not only did our architect, Andris, achieve a fabulous and inspiring design that has enhanced our property, but our project ultimately delivered on the bottom line; on time and very close to our initial budget. We would definitely recommend this service to others planning residential improvements.”
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