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Property Refurbishment Projects

Ready to turn your dreams into reality with a team of trusted architects in a fun and interactive way?

At the heart of our architectural practice lies a passion for transforming visions into reality. Our portfolio spans four core areas: Conversions, Extensions, Renovations, and New Builds. Here’s a brief overview:

Property Conversion

Transforming unconventional spaces into bespoke homes is an art. We navigate the complexities of converting former commercial, public, or agricultural buildings into unique living spaces. Our focus is on maximising potential, ensuring every conversion meets the dual demands of innovation and functionality.

Property Extensions 

Expanding your home can significantly enhance your living area and property value. Whether it’s crafting additional rooms or reimagining existing spaces, we provide comprehensive guidance to realise an extension that perfectly accommodates your lifestyle needs, balancing aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

Property Renovation

Revitalising your home to align with contemporary living standards while preserving its character is our expertise. From reconfiguring layouts to upgrading interiors, our renovation projects are tailored to breathe new life into your property, making it more functional and visually appealing.

Property New Builds

The journey to creating your dream home from scratch is exhilarating. We collaborate closely to design and deliver a home that reflects your personal style and meets your lifestyle requirements, ensuring a seamless process from initial concept through to completion.

Each project, regardless of scale, is approached with a bespoke strategy, ensuring your vision is central to our design. Dive into our project areas for inspiration and discover how we can bring your dream home to life.

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Architect Your Home understand that any potential home improvement or refurbishment project can go hand-in-hand with common daunting misconceptions. With this in mind they also offer a you a free 15-minute 1-1 phone call with an architect to help answer any initial concerns or queries you may have relating to your project.


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Find inspiration in our previous work

Your idea of a perfect home is very personal. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like browsing what other people have done! If you like what you see, you can incorporate it into your home improvement project plans or use the look and feel to create something entirely new.

We’ve delivered a wide range of stunning architect-designed home improvements, from kitchen extensions to garage and loft conversions, full home renovations and everything in between. 

Some of these architects’ design projects have been completed on period homes and listed buildings, as well as newer builds. Each project showcases trends, materials, and the individual lifestyle choices that have helped shape the unique end result.

Whether you want an architect to design an extension, put together a plan for renovating your period property, or you have another home improvement in mind, you can find plenty of gorgeous inspiration below.


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Making sure you get the very best

We bring your ideal home into reality, providing you with inspirational solutions and a roadmap to getting it done. And from scheme drawings to full clarity on the ins and outs, we’re on hand to support your projects when you need it.

Our service pays for itself, because we help you nail down your budget and spend it wisely. You’ll definitely feel the value of working with us, both in the quality of the end result and how it transforms the way you live in your home.


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