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Sometimes we love a property but it’s no longer working well for the way we want to live. There are plenty of reasons why you want to stay put – and you can.

If the layout of your home isn’t working for you, renovating the interior is the opportunity to make it work for you. Or perhaps you’ve bought a domestic property for a song, with the aim of transforming it into a family home you’ll love.

This isn’t simply taking down walls, moving staircases and building extensions; we’ll listen to how you want to live in your home and translate this into a plan that helps you optimise the space to your advantage.

Architect Your Home provides a flexible service focused on using your budget to get the living space you need, providing a solution that makes the most of your budget.

On this last point, renovations can easily turn into a money pit. The services of an architect who is focused on pre-empting the challenges, as well as getting you everything you want, is the key to getting it right.

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Renovation Projects

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Making sure you get the very best

We bring your ideal home into reality, providing you with inspirational solutions and a roadmap to getting it done. And from scheme drawings to full clarity on the ins and outs, we’re on hand to support your project when you need it.

Our service pays for itself, because we help you nail down your budget and spend it wisely. You’ll definitely feel the value of working with us, both in the quality of the end result and how it transforms the way you live in your home.

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