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Excellent way to increase space

Side Return Extensions

Extending into the side return of your home is an excellent way to increase your living space.

Side return extensions can add approximately 10% to 20% value to your home, depending on the design, quality and aesthetic of the build and finish, and the extra footprint or living space it creates. 

Conservatory, utility, breakfast room or kitchen extension are all suitable home improvement projects for a side return, giving you the extra space you need without moving home. 

When thinking about extending your home, you have a whole host of factors to consider from the practical to the functional – how the new space will work with other rooms in the house, the arrangement, design, materials, daylight, lighting, storage and seating, as well as building and planning regulatory requirements (though a side return, in some cases, doesn’t require planning permission).

Architect Your Home provides a flexible service to help you navigate safely through these issues and create a home that is perfect for you.

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Side Return Projects

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We bring your ideal home into reality, providing you with inspirational solutions and a roadmap to getting it done. And from scheme drawings to full clarity on the ins and outs, we’re on hand to support your project when you need it.

Our service pays for itself, because we help you nail down your budget and spend it wisely. You’ll definitely feel the value of working with us, both in the quality of the end result and how it transforms the way you live in your home.

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