5. Project Management

Once a builder has been appointed, the price and contract period can be written into a binding agreement, overseen by your architect to ensure the work is completed according to the plans, the timescale and the costs stipulated. There are various options available to you at this stage, from the architect acting as a ‘contract administrator’, to being used on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis and attending periodic meetings to check on progress. 

Project Management

Preparing contract documents

It is generally advisable to have a formal building contract. We can suggest the most suitable one for your project and prepare the documentation, ready for you to sign.

Site visits & meetings

Coming to site and/or meetings to answer queries helps to ensure the work is going according to the plan.

Contract administration and  valuations

We can assume the role of ‘contract administrator’, assessing what work has been completed on site, and can prepare valuation certificates which show what you need to pay.


We will help make sure all the final details are finished properly, and prepare a ’snagging’ list of anything that is unsatisfactory for the builder to put right before he receives his final payment.